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    Luxury Painting is a reputable interior and exterior painting company in Auckland. We take great pride in providing top-notch painting services to our clients. Our services are budget-friendly, and we consistently strive to exceed client expectations.

    Exterior & Interior House Painting Services Auckland

    Does your house appear worn out or outdated? Over time, old paintwork becomes yellow and is more prone to dents and scrapes (especially if you have young children). Bathrooms are susceptible to mold growth, which causes flaky paint. Corners, skirting, architraves, and other surfaces can develop cracks and gaps. Fly filth and other stains can be found on ceilings. Allow Luxury Painting to transform your space.

    We can assist if you want exterior and interior painters in Auckland. Our team of skilled painters can recast the interior of your house into something new and trendy. We only use the highest-quality paints and materials combined with cutting-edge technology to provide the best result.

    Interior painting services in Auckland

    Luxury Painting is where you find skilled interior painters who are ideal for the job, whatever is needed to be done. Even if you adore the color of your living room, it may have been quite some time since it was finished, and now it desperately needs an update. Or you may have moved into a new house, and the color palette may need to be more aligned with your preferred theme or pieces of furniture. Or your kids have flown the coop, and it’s time to transform that vibrant red space into your tranquil and mystical retreat. Whatever it is that you need, Luxury Painting will be at your service.

    We offer professional interior painting services to our customers. We are known for our fine craftsmanship and the high-quality materials we use to get the job done. We’ll ensure your house, office, or retail store match your or your brand’s personality.

    Exterior painting services in Auckland

    Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to scream, “Welcome home.”

    A new layer of paint not only gives you a chance to transform the property’s aesthetic appeal dramatically but also protects it from various harsh weather conditions and other similar elements.

    For many New Zealanders, the idea of exterior renovation seems dreadful. But it all boils down to who you choose to do the job for you.

    Our experts at Luxury Painting are precisely who you need to ensure the entire process is hassle-free and quick. We strive to provide you with all the guidance you desire. We ensure you get all the clarification needed from the beginning. We’ll provide you with a thorough consultation and the opinions of subject-matter experts. Our professional painters do not hesitate to share their knowledge. Whether it’s the kind of paint you should choose or the color that will go best with the rest of your surroundings, they have an answer to all your queries.

    Professional Residential Painters in Auckland

    A new home’s construction can be stressful. Finding a trustworthy painter in Auckland can be challenging. Choosing the wrong painter can lead to a poor-quality finish, incorrect paint application (which may cause the paint finish to chip prematurely), and unreliable artisans who don’t show up when they say they will.

    It is with great pride that we at Luxury Painting deem ourselves a superior company for painting homes. We handle everything, from the interior to the exterior of your home, effectively and efficiently. Our experts have years of experience painting residential homes and providing clients with what they want. Our work is long-lasting, and we are highly known for sticking to our established deadlines.

    Since the beginning, our primary goal has been to apply a customer-centric strategy to assist our clients in fulfilling their objectives. We are the premier residential painters in Auckland.

    We are dependable and trustworthy, and we’ll treat your house as if it were our own. After each working day, our skilled painters will leave the job site neat and orderly. We take great pleasure in our work and only offer the best service.

    From perfectly coating the walls with even layers of paint to using long-lasting materials, we assure that your expectations are met at every step of the process.

    We are constantly meticulous and attentive, so we won’t accidentally paint an area where it isn’t wanted! Before we begin, we’ll discuss driveways, walkways, and other elements of the house.

    Since a primed canvas is a necessity for every artist, we will treat any mold and lichen, fill up any gaps and holes, and thoroughly clean the surfaces that will be painted on. Then we will expertly apply durable, superior exterior-purpose paint to your surfaces.

    Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our services.

    Auckland House Painters

    We are located in Wattle Downs, which gives us the opportunity to effectively provide the residents of Auckland with swift turnaround, cost-effective house painting solutions, and expert guidance. Our painters are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled experts in the industry.

    We are a group of reputable painting contractors in Auckland who make it a priority to cater to the demands of every one of our clients.

    So, contact Luxury Painting whenever you need high-quality painting services in Auckland. We can meet all your requests for real estate painting under one roof.

    Why Us? 

    Project Inspection

    Every painting project we embark on has a project inspection. The project inspection ensures our home painters meet timelines and uphold our quality standards. Since the project manager is the only point of contact for the customer, communication is straightforward and clear.

    Trained & Experienced Workers

    All our house painters in Auckland are skilled and follow the strict guidelines that our quality assurance manager establishes.

    Standardised Procedures

    No matter your needs, we can produce precise, high-quality solutions thanks to our standardised procedures. Our procedures have been tried and tested to guarantee that we paint your home effectively and have a backup plan ready for any eventuality.

    Colour Consultation 

    During our free initial consultation, we would love to learn more about your home and its painting needs. You will meet our painting team leader and project manager, who will inspect your house and show you paint samples so you can choose the right color.

    Inspection Prior Delivery

    After completion, the person in charge of your project will inspect everything carefully with you. We will designate the project as finished and sign it off once you are delighted.

    Need house painters in Auckland? We can help you!

    Luxury Painting wants you to have the best journey possible. Your happiness is our top priority, whether your project involves painting the inside or exterior of your home, one room, or the whole property. You can count on our skilled team to uphold our pledge of professionalism, consideration, and quality from beginning to end.

    • Simple and Clear Pricing: In addition to giving you a free estimate for your project, we’ll also give you a detailed plan that details our offerings and the overall price of your paintwork. Nothing unexpected here!
    • You’re Delighted, and So Are We: The importance of doing a perfect job cannot be overstated. When we leave, we’ll walk through everything with you to ensure no finishing touches are required.
    • We Handle Your House Like It’s Our Own: We’ll treat your house with the utmost care, covering your floors and relocating or covering your furniture in addition to delivering a stunning, expert outcome you’ll adore.

    House Painting Considerations

    • Dust and debris on walls and ceilings

    Avoid using water to clean your walls. Plastering the walls and ceiling is done to smooth out the surfaces and remove clutter. It would help if you didn’t wash your walls or ceilings with water before painting.

    • What kind of paint do you need?

    Choosing the appropriate paint is of utmost importance to ensure longevity. We choose from acrylic, oil-based, or water-based paints. Oil-based paintings can last up to 10 years, while water- and acrylic-based paints only last up to 5. Oil-based paints cost more, but they also result in the highest-quality finish.

    • Is an undercoat necessary?

    If your walls are unpainted, you need to apply an undercoat since it will protect your walls. An undercoat is optional if your walls already have existing paint on them. You must use an oil-based undercoat if your walls do, however, have water stains; otherwise, you can use a water-based undercoat.

    • Security and health

    Consult your painter. You can stay in the house while it is painted using water-based or acrylic paint. But you shouldn’t live in the house during and for at least seven days after the project is finished if you use oil-based paint for the interiors.

    • Season 

    The season is crucial for the best outcomes. Despite what many people think, there are better times to paint home interiors than summer. This preference is due to the possibility of the process being harmed by the high humidity and intense sunlight. In actuality, winter is the optimum season for interior painting.

    At Luxury Paintings, we enjoy being a local company that provides dependable and trustworthy services around Auckland. Contact us immediately for a free consultation if you wish to breathe new life into your house.

    You can contact us at: or Call Us on  0800 781 101

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    Top Reviews

    Thank you, Luxury Painting! We are so happy we chose you for the exterior painting of our home. You gave the walls a new life and handled the entire project professionally and efficiently. You patiently answered all our questions and helped us with our colour choices. We will definitely contact you for future painting endeavours.


    Sarah French

    Luxury Painting is an excellent team of painters who can cater to any painting project with precision and care. They were quick with communication, arrived on time, and finished the job in a short timeline. We are so happy with our freshly painted walls! Highly recommended!

    Lalita Bakker

    We highly recommend Luxury Painting for all your painting needs. Excellent work ethic, reliable, and quality work done at fair prices. I would strongly recommend Luxury Painting for their sheer excellence; they listened to our requests and acted immediately.


    Barry Viwa

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    Weather conditions affect how well the paint holds, how long it lasts, and how quickly it dries up. In Auckland, it is recommended that you get your house painted during the winter season, with January being the best and busiest month. In terms of temperature and humidity, anything between 15 degrees and 20 degrees, or 70% and 80%,, is recommended.

    Yes. It is highly recommended to prime the exterior of the house before painting because a primed surface with the right tools allows painters to cover the surface in fewer strokes than otherwise. Painting on a primed surface also leads to a smoother and more evenly painted wall.

    There are a lot of factors that come into play when the project timelines are established. The size of the house, the number of rooms, the season of the year, and the number of crew members are all taken into consideration. Having said that, painting an average-sized house (one or two stories with four or fewer bedrooms) takes around three to four days.

    The total cost varies with the project. The cost of just getting the interiors painted will certainly be less than getting the entire house painted. It is best to get in touch with the experts and share your project requirements to get an estimate.

    To get a no-obligation quote from Luxury Painting, you can use the following details to reach out to us:

    Address: 3 Carnoustie Drive, Wattle Downs, Auckland 2103


    Phone: 027 300 1101

    Please note that we are closed on Sundays.